Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday, with Mother's Day & Fresh Ontario Eats

This past week has been event-filled. Of course, there was Mother's Day on Sunday. One of my favourite days - I usually get to spend the morning curled up in bed with a pile of books and magazines. Unfortunately this year I woke up the night before Mother's Day feeling sick. I ended up staying in bed a little longer than I planned on Sunday. My husband slept in a bit too, so my usual breakfast in bed turned into a late brunch in bed.

I hadn't done any grocery shopping because I was away on Thursday and Friday, but hubby managed to put together a nice meal anyway - vegan blueberry pancakes, a bowl of mixed fruits, a soy latte and a tofu scramble topped with roasted peppers.

The yummy roasted peppers came from a jar I was given by the people at Hills of Headwaters Tourism Association. They were the organizers of the press tour I took on Thursday and Friday - a tour of Ontario's beautiful Headwaters region. More to come on the blog about that. For now, I want to show you some of the food I enjoyed on the tour. Everybody was so kind about providing me with vegan options. These pictures come from the beautiful Cabin restaurant at Hockley Valley Resort, as well as Landman Gardens and Bakery. Clockwise from left, I enjoyed a quinoa-stuffed tomato at Cabin, as well as pasta with fiddleheads and peas. Dessert was fruit and a lovely berry sorbet. At Landmans, we dined buffet-style in the very cool stone blackhouse. I piled my plate with salads and fruit and was given a berry crumble made especially for me with coconut oil.

Now for a look at a full day of eats - Monday to be specific. I had a couple of leftover blueberry pancakes from Mother's Day for breakfast.

I waited too long to have lunch and I was super hungry, so I ate a cold vegetable spring roll right out of the fridge.

I enjoyed some iced tea, left over from a batch we made the night before from Andrea's mom's recipe. We used two green tea bags and one raspberry hibiscus herbal tea bag. I made another batch the next day too because it was so refreshing.

For lunch I had leftover minestrone soup that my husband had made for dinner the night before.

When the kids came home from school they requested "Yonanas" - frozen berries, cherries and bananas run through the Yonanas dessert maker. I shared in that little after-school treat too.

I'm working on cleaning up my office papers (my taxes are overdue!) so I was not motivated to cook. We put curly fries in the oven and my husband made a chickpea salad to serve on naan bread with beets and lettuce.

I ate one of my Mother's Day presents in the evening - a Go Max Go vegan chocolate bar. I was given two chocolate bars - this Buccaneer and a Twilight bar. I actually ate the Twilight bar, but I didn't stop to photograph it. Too much chocolate deliciousness to wait.

What foods did you enjoy on Mother's Day weekend?

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  1. It all looks beautiful! I only got my tax done yesterday a few days before it's due (whoops...) My messy desk doesn't help matters but I have zero interest in cleaning it ;)

    1. Aw, thank you! At least you got your taxes done BEFORE they were due. Me not so much. Ha ha. My desk is clean now, but there are a few piles of paper beside it. ;) Paper is my enemy.

  2. Yay for delicious Mother's Day treats! I'm not a mom but celebrated with good food with my MIL - we made dinner and she made a great strawberry shortcake for dessert. yum!

  3. Curly fries <333 and that breakfast in bed is so so sweet! I have an 11 month old and a husband who works crazy hours all week so I let him sleep in and the baby woke me up at 6:30 :/ But when he gets older, your family definitely set the bar for my boys!

    1. Sometimes you just have to give in to the curly fries! ;) Aw, you are at a very demanding stage of motherhood - very little rest huh? But definitely make sure you get your breakfast in bed down the road. :)

  4. Jo everything looks so yummy as usual, and tell that little niece of mine I love the apron she is wearing adorable