Friday, May 22, 2015

A Lakeside Picnic (With the GlobeIn Artisan Box)

For her Mother's Day gift, my mom asked that her kids and grandkids get together to dig out a large flower bed on her front lawn. It was overgrown and untended and she wanted to replace it with grass. So we headed to Mom and Dad's place on Lake Erie this past weekend to give Mom her gift.

We were blessed with the most beautiful day for gardening, making it the perfect occasion to have a small picnic on the front lawn in view of the lake. I had recently received a sweet picnic set from GlobeIn, makers of the the Artisan Box.

Each of GlobeIn's special artisan boxes comes filled with original products made by global artisans. GlobeIn editors curate unique products with heartwarming stories behind them. Items are fairly traded and help to support artisans from all walks of life with an emphasis on those in the developing world. GlobeIn aims to reduce poverty by giving artisans and their communities a global audience. You can buy a single box or choose a monthly subscription to have boxes shipped automatically for as little as $30 per month, depending on your subscription and what country you're in. (There are shipping charges outside the US).

Each box is curated around a monthly theme. My box is a picnic box - ideal for spring and summer. It has a beautiful palm leaf basket, made in Mexico from discarded palm leaves by indigenous Oaxacan artisans. One basket can take as long as 6 hours to weave. The Tri Bento box is a safe, plastic-free food container that's made in India and pays homage to traditional tiffins - the steel food boxes used to deliver home-cooked lunches to Mumbai's workforce. Also made in India, the ECO napkins are hand-printed and cured under the sun by Khatri artisans. The All Good herbal sunstick is created in Brazil with a special blend of waxes and oils.

We enjoyed munching on Kopali Organics dried mango. Kopali Organics, in Peru, was founded in an effort to protect and support local farming communities after low-flying airplanes started spraying toxic chemicals over farmers' working grounds.

We found that our artisan box provided special touches to make our impromptu snacking session all the more fun. And our picnic gave us the necessary sustenance to get working again, so Mom was able to get her Mother's Day wish!

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The June box promises to be a lot of fun too - the theme is "entertain." New customers, get 25% off your first GlobeIn Artisan Box with a 3-month or longer subscription. Enter discount code "WELCOME" when ordering.


  1. Jo, my boss has quite a few tiffins in all sizes I had never heard of them before this.

    1. Cool...I'd like to fill mine with some of that delicious Indian food she makes!!

  2. My dad had tiffins for work but I never knew what they were called - what a blast from the past! He did not have such a stylish carrying case though.

    I like gifts of action too - your mom sounds like a practical, clever lady!

    1. Yes, she is very practical and clever. :) Plus she has a house full of stuff, so we don't know what to buy her! Both my brother and I ended up bringing her a box of her favourite donuts.