Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday, A day of vegan eats

Usually I throw in a few extra photos on top of my "day of eats" photos. But, as I said yesterday, I am a bit forlorn, having lost my Nikon cameras on the weekend. These photos were taken with my older, perfectly serviceable Olympus, but my heart yearns for my Nikons. It bothers me that someone might be out there using them like they aren't MY babies.

Anyhow, I managed to at least snap photos of my Monday meals so as not to miss out on this weekly What I Ate Wednesday sharing of food. My breakfast was a smoothie made from frozen strawberries and bananas mixed with orange juice.

As we were away all weekend, we didn't have any dinner leftovers handy for Monday lunch. So I cooked up kamut udon noodles and sauteed baby bella mushrooms, broccoli and tofu to go on top. I seasoned it all with Bragg's Liquid Aminos and plenty of garlic (in the saute mix as well).

I felt dehydrated in the afternoon, so I decided to make a juice. I ran carrots, apple, celery and parsley through the juicer. Super easy, but it's really the clean-up of the machine that sucks with juicing, huh?

Dinner was on the late side and I was uninspired, so we had veggie burgers, salad and waffle fries. Oh, and Fanta, because sometimes you just need Fanta!

I probably ate some snacky thing in the evening too, but for the life of me I can't recall what it was. I guess I was just randomly stuffing food in my face.

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How is this week treating you?

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  1. I always buy things for the juicer but the thought of assembling the juicer then washing it (even in the dishwasher) must subconsciously turn me off because I never do anything!

    1. I know! So irritating. I don't even know if mine could go in the dishwasher...

  2. Even without your preferred camera (which sucks by the way, and I'm so sorry!) the pics look delicious!