Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Products We Love - MiEssence Soothing Organic Skincare

I tend to like a product or not like it. I'm not one of those super particular people who notices subtle nuances between one shade of black mascara and the next. So when I'm reviewing a product I have to dig deeper and think about why I like or don't like something.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been using MiEssence's skin essentials (soothing) skincare products. The adjectives that spring to mind when I think of my MiEssence facial cleansing routine are pleasant, natural, herbal, gentle, nourishing, smooth and soothing. MiEssence has a few options for skincare, including balancing, purifying and rejuvenating products. I went with the soothing line of products because I am prone to rosacea, particularly on my cheeks. MiEssence products are certified organic and made in Australia.

My twice-daily, 3-step skincare routine starts with MiEssence soothing cleanser for sensitive skin. With ingredients such as aloe vera, bergamot essential oil, sweet orange essential oil and chamomile, it sounds positively edible. And it smells gently fresh and natural. Although it is gentle, a little goes a long way - MiEssence says you will get 167 applications per bottle using three pumps per application, but I find you only need two pumps to thoroughly cover the face.

This soothing cleanser isn't bubbly or lathering. Normally I like a good lather - a milky cleanser always leaves me feeling like I haven't cleaned my makeup off. But although MiEssence soothing cleanser isn't "soapy," it spreads well, covering your whole face with a tiny bit of product. And it feels cooling and calming. Because it's gentle, I tend to use an eye makeup remover if I have eye shadow to take off.

An extra measure of pampering for summer-weary skin, MiEssence's soothing skin conditioner reminds me of my favourite rum. Sounds odd I know. It's not in the sense that it smells like alcohol (it doesn't) but in the warmly herbal scent of it. The website describes it as a gentle infusion with organic st john's wort and horsechestnut and essential oils like carrot and chamomile that are known to help calm and soothe skin chapped by the elements. It truly does help my skin feel soothed and softened.

Finally, MiEssence's soothing moisturiser is light and gently scented, leaving the skin calmly nourished. In the mornings I put this on over top of a light facial sunscreen. Even with the two layers of product my skin doesn't feel weighted down or greasy. My rosacea is sure to tell me if a product is heavy or irritating. I haven't had any reactions from the MiEssence products.

With all of the products I noted that the packaging is solid and functions well. The pump tops mean you don't have to dip your fingers (and your germs) into the product. Always a plus.

In addition to skincare, MiEssence has tempting products for hair, body and baby. They also have organic cosmetics and household cleaning products.

Check out the full line of organic products at www.MiOrganic.ca or on Facebook.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are authentic and my own.


  1. Want to try out the Cleanser ,it sounds so good!

    Have a great Day :)

    1. It is lovely and yummy smelling! :)

      Have a great day too!


  2. I am going to try the skin conditioner.

    1. My skin has been doing great on this program! Enjoy!

  3. Wow! It's wonderful I want to try this skincare kit.