Sunday, July 6, 2014

Our Manicure Party With Suncoat Girl

Our first official day of summer vacation was a busy one. We went strawberry picking in the afternoon and held a homework-burning party in the evening. Plus, my little gal had her friend over for the day and we did some impromptu manicures in the morning.

We tried out four shades of nail polish from Suncoat Girl. This polish is non-toxic and contains no toluene, DBP or added formaldehyde. It has a water-based formula that's environmentally friendly. It's odourless and it peels off so you don't need nasty, smelly polish remover.

I had read online that you could soften your cuticles by soaking in vinegar, so that's what we did. The girls said it stung where they had cuts on their hands, but my daughter wanted to do it again the next day, so it couldn't have hurt that much!

Here are the four pretty colours we tried (l-r) - Delicious Peach, Princess Purple, Ballerina Beauty and
Forever Fuchsia. Although my daughter had selected the colours online, when it came down to it she chose the pinks over the peach. So, I tried the peach shade on myself and found that it's quite pretty - a nice, soft orange colour for summer.

The first thing I noticed about this polish is that the initial coat goes on quite watery. Which makes sense, given that it's water-based. It took three coats to build up a solid colour. With the busy day that followed our manicure session, it perhaps wasn't the best time to test polish on our fingernails. I don't often wear polish on my fingernails because I am always doing activities that aren't polish friendly - dishes, laundry, cleaning, typing - woe is me. Of course, it's called Suncoat Girl, so it's not meant for the mom who does dishes four times a day.

This being a peel-off polish, I found that the tips began to peel before the end of the day. The upside of that is that kids can safely peel off their own polish without the need for nail polish remover. A few days later, I decided to try the Suncoat Girl polish on my toenails where it would have a fair chance of lasting. It fared much better on my toes - I've had it on several days and it's still going strong.

Suncoat Girl is for kids 3+. The great thing about it is that kids can play around with it without exposure to toxic chemicals. I know that I was wary of letting my girl use nail polish when she was really small. With supervision, little ones can have fun with Suncoat Girl polishes, peeling them off and applying new colours whenever they wish.

See the available shades at NailPolishCanada.


  1. What gorgeous colours! I can't decide which one I like the most, they're all so pretty :)

    1. I put the Forever Fuchsia on my toenails and it's very pretty. The Ballerina Beauty is pretty but quite pale. I like something stronger on my toes to detract from the feet! ;)

  2. They need to make a Mommy version to hold up to chores! I like the idea of being able to peel it off-- much better environmentally and for the nail itself.
    I'm a toenail polish gal too-- I'm not fond of my feet. They do their purpose, don't get me wrong, but they aren't exactly...dainty? Anyway, toenail polish helps lol

    1. Suncoat does have a similar type for women. I haven't tested it to see how it holds up to chores though. I'm not fond of my feet either. I squished these large feet into pointy-toe flats in the eighties and my toes weren't happy about it! :)