Sunday, June 1, 2014

Silver Jewelry From Wantable

I have a confession to make - I don't like shopping. There was a time when I did (I think it was back when my mom paid for everything), but now I have to be careful with my money (boring), look for those special shopping deals and buy for three other people and a dog. Long to-do lists and whining children take the fun out of shopping, don't they?

That's why I love the idea of the monthly accessories box from Wantable. It's not a huge budgetary commitment (in fact, I would opt to ask for it as a birthday gift!), it's a treat just for me and there is no mall shopping required. You simply indicate your preferences one time on Wantable's online shopping website and they send you a customized box of discounted fashion jewelry and other accessories in the mail. No need to head out to the jewelry stores! There are subscription boxes for intimate apparel (think sleepwear, loungewear, bras) and makeup too.

My May accessories box was very clearly based on a silver colour scheme. Makes sense, because I had indicated that I don't like gold tones. I also noted that I "love" Boho style, while I "like" glam and rock 'n roll. You are likely to get the stuff you "love" and "like," but will never receive the items you "dislike."

I gotta start by discussing the earrings, because they so reminded me of the costume jewelry in my mom's jewelry box in the eighties. Except hers would have been clip-ons. (She had lots of those!) Here's how Wantable describes the earrings: "The Sophie earrings feature gorgeous opal-like stones accented with a design of black veining set in gunmetal grey. Style Tip: Pair with a messy topknot and bold pink lip." If only I could style my hair in a messy topknot. I'm not that skilled.

I love the leather-look buckle watch, which features a draped rhinestone face. Wantable suggests rocking this look with or without bracelets. I don't know about you, but these tips help me because I'm not that creative when it comes to accessorizing.

I also adore the "Mae" ring, which features five connected bands accented with glistening rhinestones. It stretches to fit my giant fingers too! And the tip? Pair with a brilliant pink manicure (not gonna happen) and some statement rhinestone earrings. My manicures last all of a day, so no.

The "Brooklyn" necklace features silvery beads and pendants suspended from a dark, gunmetal chain. Pair it with a slinky black dress for a gorgeous evening look.

I have to say up front to my sister - I'm probably not going to give you any of these pieces. I am accumulating quite the enviable jewelry collection, but it still doesn't come close to your bounty of jewels. But somehow that doesn't stop you from asking for my Wantable pieces every time. Possibly we can trade. We'll see.

Visit Wantable for subscription information and to see their fun style options.

What is your favourite piece from my May Wantable box?

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  1. For the record my lovely 1 year younger sister I gave you the necklace you wanted and I was supposed to maybe get the watch you received. And did I get anything NO so my list for the basket sale be on your voicemail this week.

    I Love You


    1. That is true. You very kindly gave me your necklace. I will make up for it via the basket sale. ;)


  2. Hahaha ahh, siblings. Fantastic box-- heading over to check out Wantable pronto!

    1. We like to bicker a bit. ;) Yes, check it out - they have fun stuff!