Friday, May 2, 2014

Insta-Friday in real life

I have to admit that Fridays don't mean as much to me anymore, now that I work from home. I still love Fridays, but I don't dread Sunday evenings and Mondays as much! I do look forward to the increased freedom of Saturdays and Sundays though - I try to put my work aside (for the most part) and spend time with the family (and, of course, doing laundry while electricity costs are lower). 

Here's a little look back at our week through Instagram pics. This post goes out to those among you for whom Friday is still a gift from the heavens. May the weekend bring you much-deserved joy!

Last weekend, the kids and I picked up my sister and travelled to Niagara Falls to meet our mom. The kids immediately asked to hit the pool at the Fallsview Casino Resort Hotel. Now that my little ones aren't so little, I don't actually have to go in the pool. One day I'll get my butt wet, but that day my sister and I were going to see Sugar Ray and I didn't want to have to start my hair over again. You know how that goes, ladies.

I didn't get any decent photos at the Sugar Ray show. If you were at the show, that was my sister yelling "Take it off!" Just so you know. Unfortunately, Mark McGrath says his abs were best viewed in the band's heyday.

Anyway, the next morning while Mom hit the casino, the rest of us took a walk down to the falls. The gift of a perfect spring day is rare and priceless around here so we enjoyed it.

As my sister and I struggled to get a selfie that didn't show three chins each, a passing (and quite good looking) Greek guy offered to take our picture. As I said on Instagram, my sister became flirtatious and he ran off. (He did have a woman with him, after all.)

On the way home from Niagara Falls, we always pass this strange roadside attraction. I never ask to stop because my husband gets grumpy while driving on the highway. Seeing as he wasn't with us this time, I made sure to stop. This is the burnt (by vandals) wreckage of the Grand Hermine in Jordan Harbour, created as a replica of the largest of three ships French explorer Jacques Cartier sailed up the St. Lawrence River. The kids and I had a look around the beach too.

We then stopped at the Prudhommes Antique Market, which also overlooks the shores of Lake Ontario.

The kids weren't super thrilled about stopping there, but we browsed (without buying) for a few minutes anyway.

As I said on What I Ate Wednesday, I have been on a bit of a health kick this week. I go through phases when I feel like trying out all kinds of recipes. And then there are weeks when I just want to eat veggie burgers at Harvey's. Anyway, I'm rolling with it while I still feel energetic.

My friend is selling her house and she gave me this pretty blanket she didn't want anymore. I put it on the couch when I got home and here's what happened. I am constantly astonished by what a princess Jolene is, considering her mysterious background (she was rescued from a high kill shelter). I often freeze in the evenings while she lies on my blanket. (Yes, I'm too lazy to get up and get another one.)

Are you happy to see Friday roll around again? Any fun plans for the weekend? My husband and my son are pretty excited about watching the Toronto Raptors game tonight.

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  1. I am a work from home mom these days as well! Fridays definitely have a different feel than they used to.
    I went to a Perfect Circle concert in my early twenties and shouted "I LOve you James!!!!" to James Iha all night. Still love him, lol!!!
    L A
    . RAVISHING on Bloglovin’ here.

    1. I haven't seen A Perfect Circle live, but I saw Tool back when they were on a small side stage, I believe at Lollapalooza. They were great. :)

      I think the last time I shouted out though was when I saw The Cult when I was really young. I'm shy though. ;)

      I love Ryan Adams now. :)

  2. Last week of lecture, so WOOOOO FRIDAY!! Final's week is next. We are going out to First Friday in 'bout an hour- a mini music fest that takes place in our downtown on the first Friday of the month. Sadly I doubt any of the bluegrass musicians will be prone to going shirtless...your sister sounds like a hoot and a half!
    I love that quilt incidentally, so don't blame Jolene at all (all our animals are rescues, aren't they the best?).

    1. Oh, your mini music fest sounds so fun! I hope you enjoyed it!

      Yes, my sister is a hoot and a half! The life of the party for sure.

      Yes, our little rescue pets are indeed the best. :)

  3. Love the photo of your children at the antique market, I wonder what those three people in the background are looking at! I'm at home, so I don't look forward to Friday and dread Sunday evening like I used to when I was working, but I do it anyway on behalf of my sister who has to be up at 5:30am on weekdays! I laughed at your three-chins-in-photo comment, I end up posing in ways to avoid it but I end up looking so obvious about it!

    1. I see now that they are all looking the same way and I don't think I noticed anything going on at the time. That's typical of me though. :)

      Nice of you to worry for your sister. ;)

      I used to pull my chin up, but then I learned down a bit is better. ;)

  4. Your sister sounds like such a hoot!! I love that you got to stop on the way home. I love stopping to take pics of interesting things and to explore - the journey should be half the fun! Unfortunately, not everyone in my family agrees with me. And I am totally with you on the "yay for not having to swim with the kids!" front!

    1. My sister is a blast! Unforgettable for sure.

      I like to explore too. My dad always took us sightseeing, although we didn't really appreciate it then. ;)

      Glad I'm not the only one who avoids the pool. Thanks Kelli. :)

  5. Looks like such fun! I actually still live for Fridays. Saturday means I get to sleep late (sometimes) and I love having James home and getting a little help :)

    1. Oh yes, I could see how you would love Fridays. You are at such a tiring stage, with the two littles. You need that rest!

  6. Well we still managed to get one chin each in photo HA HA.

    By the way Jo the picture of Jolene is priceless and the Greek guy DIDNT run away I had to tell him I was married and he said better luck for me next time. I WISH.

    Love You

    1. We did good on the chins. ;)

      I guess I missed that part of conversation with the Greek guy. That's great that you resisted the temptation because of your beloved husband. ;)

      What's with your tight fist? You were trying so hard to pose beautifully?

  7. Clicking pictures is so important. Children grow up too quick and then those memories are lost forever