Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday

As I write, there's a blizzard storming outside. Literally a blizzard. Happy March Break, right? At least we have been eating well. We've been on the road visiting family. Sunday night we arrived at my parents' house and Mom had her yummy vegetarian chili waiting. We also made some pull-apart buns and baked up some gluten-free Sweets from the Earth chocolate chip cookies for dessert. I was so hungry I forgot to take pictures.

On Monday, we headed into the nearby town of Dunnville. I was super excited because the town now boasts a vegetarian/vegan café, called The Minga. It's a small town so it's unusual to find a vegan option at a restaurant, never mind a whole vegetarian café! My mom got the salad above. It was a mix of kale, avocado, strawberries, raspberries, dried cranberries and sunflower seeds, with a dressing. We got one for my daughter too, but I ended up eating most of it. It was healthy, tasty and satisfying.

I had a vegan mac and "cheese" with a sauce made entirely from veggies, and probably from beans from what I tasted. It was quite nice.

My son had this vegan wrap, filled with sweet potato mash, quinoa and chickpeas.

We enjoyed some vegan desserts too. The kids had chocolate chip cookies, Mom had biscotti and I had a peanut butter/quinoa protein ball with chocolate drizzled on top. It was delicious.

Back at my parents' house, I put a Gardein vegan roast in the oven for dinner. It has stuffing inside and comes with gravy. It makes for an easy dinner for special occasions or Sundays.

We had pancakes and beans for breakfast on Tuesday.

We had leftover lentil soup for lunch, along with a mixed kale salad from Costco.

On Tuesday evening we arrived at my sister-in-law's place. She and my mother-in-law worked together on an outstanding Italian dinner, including three varieties of pizza, above (with cheese and without).

My sister-in-law made not one, but two soups, this crazy delicious bean and pasta soup and a squash soup.

I also enjoyed a mixed plate of rice with tomato sauce, sliced cucumbers, rapini, stuffed potatoes and artichokes and my mother-in-law's special veggie balls. I was so stuffed I could barely move for the next hour. I am off to have leftovers for lunch!

I hope you are staying warm and well wherever you are this March Break!

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  1. I want to go to your in laws!!!

  2. These look yummy specially the salad!
    I feel you about consuming the food because I am so hungry and later realized I should have taken a photo. Haha


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  3. Hey, I noticed those Johnson Bros. dishes that your Mom has and that I have in PEI - I don't have any here, I can't remember the pattern name??

    1. Friendly Village! They were always our everyday dishes and I love them. :)