Sunday, March 16, 2014

March Break: The Minga

It's always nice to experience a little "town" with your "country." In addition to exploring a frozen beach this March Break, we also headed into Dunnville for a bite to eat. Growing up, I spent many summer days in the town and let's just say it isn't normally vegan-friendly.

So I was beyond thrilled when my mom told me about The Minga, a new vegetarian/vegan café and community centre in downtown Dunnville. My mom (who isn't a vegetarian) had been waiting for my visit to try out the cafe. And believe me, it was our plan for day one of our visit.

For a peek at what we ate there, see my What I Ate Wednesday post. Suffice it to say that we had a selection of healthy, tasty and inexpensive vegan salads, desserts and beverages. There are plenty of gluten-free options too. (I had trouble getting these three characters to sit still for a photo.)

Here's me and the boy at the other (calmer) side of the table.

Here is the very helpful and informative Lacie, chef and manager of the café and a neighbour of my parents.

My daughter has been begging me to make peanut butter chocolate protein balls ever since having one at The Minga.

Besides the cafe, the centre also hosts community events and activities (like yoga and March Break art camp for kids). My kids discovered the ping pong table. As a result, the adults had a good, long opportunity to chat over almond milk lattes.

The Minga also offers a selection of books to browse in their cozy reading nook.

The coolest thing about The Minga, in my opinion, is their homework club. After school, from Monday to Thursday, kids can come and do their homework and enjoy food and beverages for free. (Yes, free!) They even have volunteer tutors to help out.

If you are ever in the Dunnville area, be sure to pay The Minga a visit. You might run into us (hogging the ping pong table) this summer!

Where will you be hanging out this summer?


  1. Looks like a great place, the homework club is a great idea!

    1. I know! I would be sending the kids there daily if we lived there! ;)

  2. So much for my daughter being obedient. She has been told many times " no posting pictures of your mother" and once again there I am. I'll have to think of some way to get back.

  3. looks like a neat place...homework club with tutor! How cool?

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  4. What a unique place!! I bet you'll be stopping in every time you visit!!

  5. Nothing like a good cafe, and I really love that first picture. Looks like it gets great light in addition to the food!

    1. Yes, it has a great atmosphere all around. :)