Monday, February 24, 2014

Beautiful New Things from Wantable

Lately I have been making an effort to accessorize more with earrings, scarves and bracelets, and I have to say it's been a lot of fun. I've been getting an exciting delivery from Wantable every month to help me up my style quotient. In case you aren't yet familiar with the company, Wantable is a fun, personalized subscription box service offering three types of boxes: makeup, accessories or intimates.

I received my second accessories box this month and boy was it a treat! Each accessories box comes with three to four boutique accessories. Based on the personal preferences that I have inputted on Wantable's website, the expert curators sent these little treats above.

The Osbourne Scarf is a chic combination of animal print and skulls in gray and black. Wantable's style tip suggests pairing it with neon earrings for a perfectly on-trend look. The Daisy Blue Earrings (above, left) are drop earrings featuring sunshine yellow and sky blue stones. The Stella Earrings are geometric black drops accented with rhinestones. Wantable suggests pairing them with geometric winged eyeliner for a trendy look.

I think my favourite piece is this Lemon Verbena Bracelet featuring chartreuse and sparkling stones set in gunmetal gray. Pair it with a slinky, black, long-sleeved dress and balance out the sparkle with a pair of coordinating chartreuse earrings.

Spring Trends

Wantable says this spring's accessories trends are anything but demure and they are following suit to bring us the latest from the spring runways. Pastels are always huge for spring, but Wantable ensures their pastel offerings have a modern twist. Neon pieces are also in full force, ready to "electrify your wardrobe" and refresh your look.

It is just such a delight receiving a girly surprise like this in the mail each month. What's almost as fun is recording your fashion preferences over at Wantable. Try it out to see if you prefer classic, glam, rock 'n roll or boho! You'll see a bunch of pictures that correspond with each style to help you decide.

It's amazing how much they fit in these little boxes! Subscribe for $36 a month or buy a single box for $40. The items in the February box that I received retail for $83 plus tax. Subscriptions are shipped automatically and can be cancelled or skipped anytime. Please note that Canadians are charged a handling fee, provincial tax and duty. Wantable also ships to Australia (handling fee applies). Visit the beauty blog for great giveaways and the latest news in the world of fashion and beauty!


  1. Hi Jo

    HMM another scarf looks like were sharing this one to?????
    I to love the bracelet. Sharing this one too?

    Love Nancy

    1. As soon as I saw your name, I knew what you wanted. ;) We shall have to negotiate a trade perhaps, with all those thrifted purses you own. ;)

  2. I utterly covet those earrings....