Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! We are still suffering here in the Greater Toronto Area, with little to no sunshine and extremely cold weather. It's depressing, I admit, but I figure all you can do is treat yourself a little bit. Put the fireplace on, have a cup of tea, read a good book, listen to The Smiths (I like to wallow a bit in my misery) and eat some tasty food.

I definitely did that last bit yesterday. On What I Ate Wednesday, I generally show you my Tuesday day of eats, and I'm going to do that again today, even though it was a day of not particularly healthy eating. I started out well, with a banana-strawberry-orange juice smoothie for breakfast.

Then my husband mentioned all-you-can-eat sushi as a possibility for lunch. (It's exam week so he has a bit of time in between marking papers.) Um, yeah, we'll go for sushi. Without the kids too - bonus! We started off gently with miso soup.

And edamame.

We moved on to vegetarian fried rice and tempura veggies (broccoli - yum!).

Then, our favourite part - veggie green dragon rolls, crispy rolls and tempura veggie rolls.

As if that weren't enough, we added a few pieces of tofu sushi and sweet potato sushi. We stuffed our faces real good. Go big or go home, right?

Often I don't even eat dinner after an all-you-can-eat sushi lunch, but I got hungry around 6:30 and I popped a Tofurky vegan pizza with Daiya cheese in the oven. Just to look like I was making some attempt at being healthy, I paired the pizza with a baby cucumber.

Then I had a slice of Sweets From The Earth vegan blueberry cheesecake for dessert.

It wasn't a low-calorie day, that's for sure, but it sure did help with the winter blues. If you want some healthy options to better your mood, check out 8 Vegan Foods to Boost Your Energy in Winter.

How are you holding up this winter (or maybe you are like my Australian friend, suffering from extreme heat lately)?

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  1. I'm jealous. That all you can eat sushi is great. We need something to lift our mood. It's 48 hours since we could see the lake. Some of the snow drifts are climbing toward a second story.

    1. I wish you could have come for sushi. Is it fog covering the lake or the snow drifts?

    2. It is a constant blizzard of wind driven snow--- blowing from the south-west.

  2. I'm one of the people suffering from extreme heat. This looks so good. I was craving sushi for lunch, but we didn't have time to go out. I've never had tempura sushi, but I really want to try it. It's not available in my town, so I don't know when I'll get a chance.

  3. I just tried Daiya - tastes great melted but not by itself. Sushi is my favorite!

  4. I still can't get over the all-you-can-eat-sushi, that is just fabulous!!! Thanks for the shout out too! it's going to be a hot week though not the heatwave-heat thank goodness!

  5. Why does your food always look so good! Hah!!

    Hope you had a great day!

  6. MMM MMM good that sushi looks great, well never mind the whole lunch looks great and lunch without my wild niece and nephew even better.

  7. Sushi date mid-day with no kids?! That looks too perfect to be real. Definitely jealous :) Looks like a very healthy day to me, and super yummy :)