Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Gifts for Her and Him: FAMILY PHOTO BOOKS


Blurb Gift Center

When people reach a certain age, they don't usually want a lot of stuff. That's why personalized photo books are a wonderful gift for grandparents. Whether your book is full of photos of the kiddies or photos from the various stages of your parents' lives, a photo book never fails to please. I have made a couple of books now with Blurb and I have found the site to be user friendly with lots of lovely templates. Check out the Blurb Gift Center for ideas. For a really unique gift, consider making a Blurb Family History BookFor those with newborns a Blurb Baby Book might be just the thing. And if you’re the kind of person who keeps getting asked for copies of your recipes, think about making a Blurb Food Book.


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  1. I make a photo book every year! Well, since Ruby's been born ;) I use various places, depending on where I can get the best deal, but I love the Blurb one I made. I make pretty much everyone in my family a calendar each Christmas as a gift. It's SO easy and everyone loves it.

    1. Good for you! I confess I'm not good at creating books regularly. I would definitely go for the best deal too. There are so many coupons and specials floating around. The calendar is a great idea. I am sure they do love it. :)

  2. A friend (who is one of those VERY hard to shop for people) and husband purchased a trailer out at a nearby lake - I made a photobook for her from photos I had taken over the 3 years they owned the place - she cried when she saw it as it was such a personal gift!

    1. I would love that! What an amazing gift. Good job you. :)

  3. I definitely intend to print the 52 series when I finish. It's shameful how little we have printed. Your books look great.

  4. Quanto tempo não passava aqui! Adoro albuns de família, mas não revelo uma fotografia há muito tempo!
    Blog Antonella e sua Boneca