Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! We are definitely into soup weather now, aren't we? This was my Sunday lunch, above - leftover minestrone soup that my husband made the night before, along with leftover pizza that we made for my (dairy-free) niece and me at my daughter's birthday party on Friday.

Tuesday's eats went like this. Too lazy to make breakfast, I had a small amount of the smoothie that my husband had made earlier in the morning. I added some orange juice - a bit too much as it turns out, because it became more of a juice than a smoothie.

I picked the kids up from school for my daughter's birthday lunch. My daughter requested Tim Hortons. She had the necessary bagel and cream cheese before moving on to the Halloween doughnut. I just had a decaf coffee.

My laziness continued at lunchtime. There was a small amount of fried rice and one lonely Gardein faux chick'n nugget leftover from dinner. I added some beets and a can of my latest addiction - Nestea green tea.

A little while later, I had tortilla chips and salsa.

As if the birthday party and the birthday lunch weren't enough, my daughter requested a birthday dinner. According to her, dinner at her favourite Thai restaurant is now a "tradition." Who can argue with that? Poor cell phone photo aside, we enjoyed our meal of vegetarian Pad Thai, vegetarian fried rice and spicy tofu.

What's your favourite type of restaurant meal?

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  1. What a great Birthday Dinner! All looks so delicious :)

  2. Hey, I made minestrone soup this week too!!

    My favorite restaurant meal is anything that involves seafood, surprised??

  3. Delicious! I'm all about Mexican food for out-to-eats, though the other day we found a smashing grand hole-in-the-wall Chinese place with the very best dumplings!

  4. Thai food is an excellent birthday tradition (and if you don't have to cook it's a bonus!). I thought for a second that you were enjoying beer and a banana for breakfast- but you made a much more sensible choice :)

  5. I'm so hungry right now and this all looks really good! Homemade minestrone - yum!