Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday

Happy Wednesday folks! I hope you are having a good week. I believe some of you are on spring break. Enjoy!

We have some sunshine here, and that's about all I can ask for. Some of the snow has not melted yet, but the withered grass in our backyard is completely exposed, along with some things the dog left behind over the winter. But perhaps that's not appropriate to discuss when talking about food.

Soooo...on Sunday, after a full weekend of basketball games, my husband made pizzas. I ran out to the health food store first to get a spelt pizza dough. My pizza was topped with Daiya vegan mozzarella shreds, black olives and yellow peppers. We also had store-bought gnocchi with a marinara sauce from Costco (that's actually surprisingly good).

And now for a complete record of yesterday's foods. I started the day with decaf green tea and spelt bread toasted with peanut butter and jam. Lots of jam actually, now that I see the photo.

Mid-morning I was hungry again, so I had another tea and a peanut butter and chocolate chip PROBAR. I had picked up a couple on Sunday at the health food store because they were on sale. I really like these bars, although they are probably more fat and calories than I needed in a snack.

I had the "Whole Berry Blast" another day for a mid-morning snack as well.

Lunch was leftover black bean and avocado rice salad. This is a tasty recipe from "One Dish Vegetarian Meals."

I also had some rice chips with roasted garlic, red peppers and cumin hummus.

In the afternoon, I ate this little guy. I don't often eat a plain apple anymore. I shared it with the dog, too, because she loves fruits and veggies.

For last night's dinner, my weekly menu  plan called for potato salad, but guess what? You need potatoes for that. Oops. I made a quinoa pilaf instead. I will share the recipe in my next Sunday meal planning post. I also served my favourite easy protein - extra-firm tofu baked in teriyaki sauce. We had steamed broccoli with olive oil and minced garlic too.

Oh, and I also had two organic lollipops while relaxing last night. It kept me from eating all kinds of other stuff like I usually do in the evenings.

What was your favourite meal this week?

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  1. I'm excited for your quinoa post. I love that stuff, but I've run out of ideas for ways to prepare it. PS: My dog loves apples too! I always thought he was weird, but maybe not. :)

  2. Mmmm! Looks like a delicious day of food! That quinoa pilaf looks amazing

  3. Great healthy yumminess on your blog today!

  4. Love the idea if beans and rice in a salad- that looks delicious! I still eat apples all the time too, easiest snack :)

  5. Everything looks so good! All I've eaten today for the morning is some home-made oatmeal.

  6. Great meals! I loovvve that PC roasted garlic hummus, I buy it all the time :P

  7. Totally pinned the black bean & avocado (yum) and the pilaf (doubleyum)!