Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dreaming of Spring

It snowed again last night. This pretending it's not winter isn't working for me anymore. I'm dreaming of spring...warm sunshine, increased energy, tulips peeping through the soil...even rain would be fine.

The other day, my sister-in-law and I were chatting about spring dresses. We are both over the age of 40 (although I still think of her as a young thing) and we are suddenly finding ourselves wanting to try out a different style of clothing. We are craving more colour, more pretty...something fun.

We are on the hunt for new sources of vintage-style dresses that are not too expensive. Let me know if you have any favourite stores.

This month, you can get 15% off $100 plus free shipping at Betsey Johnson. Use code BJMAR1 at checkout.  They also have some pretty cool high heels on sale. But I don't do high heels. I am not that coordinated. Plus, nobody ever has my size (11) so I've pretty much given up looking for shoes.

Because I know that the sun will one day shine again, even here in the Toronto area, I am also looking for new sunglasses. I have long been aware that I am wearing the same sunglasses in almost every picture of me on this blog.

I mainly wear prescription sunglasses (except in the rare moments that I bother to put in contact lenses). My prescription is strong too, so I can only wear certain styles (to accommodate the thick lenses). I have coverage for prescription eyewear under my husband's plan, but that kicks in every two years, bringing me to this summer. In the meantime, I am on the hunt for some inexpensive glasses.

I was admiring these sunglasses over on the Bonlook site. Maybe I'll go for something funky. What do you think? The only trouble is, our provincial government doesn't allow us to order prescription glasses online. Can you believe it? I would have to order these ones to wear with contact lenses.

If you are in the market for some sunglasses, Bonlook has designer sunglasses on sale. Plus, metal sunglasses are on sale -- enter the PROMO code RADIOACTIVE for 25% off today, 20% off on March 20th or 15% off on March 21st. I noticed that you get a $10 coupon the first time you sign up too.

prescription sunglasses

What kind of wardrobe are you craving for this spring? What are your go-to shops?

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  1. Oh, so many people in blog land are craving some warm spring weather! I do love that you are looking for bright and fun fashions. I am in my 50's and still thinking of fashion and like to dress in current styles but with a vintage feel. Thankyou for the links. You look very pretty in your photos - very young! I do like the color of your lipstick in the first photo. Very flattering. Wishing you some Spring Sunshine soon! xoxo

  2. Oh me too.... I can't do this any longer ;)
    Did you get the blanket of snow today too?
    All these ideas look lovely and you look fabulous in these pics mama! ;)


  3. GO FOR IT GIRLS!!! Its fun on the bright side-- plus we are old enough to do whatever we want & people just have to deal. Cos we are full grown adults, woot! Go funky, go colorful, and have fun!!!!

  4. It's funny because I'm nearing 40 and it's only in the last year or so that I've decided to dress more 'fun', mainly because I always followed fashion rules and trends in the past when it wasn't my natural style-- my natural style is to break rules! I'm still looking for sweet spring dresses, I love a lot of the Bernie Dexter clothing (even though I don't 'do' vintage styling that way with the hair etc) and look for similar dresses :)

  5. Love that Betsey dress! I break/lose sunglasses like it's my job so I stick to cheapo Target sunnies for now. Maybe when I'm a real grownup I will invest in something nicer...

  6. I love Betsey Johnson dresses but I'm size 6, 5'8" and in my experience Betsey Johnson clothes only fit Betsey Johnson. Teeny! I say - get sewing! I say that to myself all the time...

  7. I really like the fist photo. There is something artistic about it. I am also dreaming of spring. We were blanketed with snow yesterday too for much of the day. Thank goodness that much of it has already washed away.

    I am in my 50's and still thinking of fashion too. I have always loved clothes and dressing pretty. I prefer vintage style as well, but along the lines of Coco Chanel and Edith Head. I look best in classic vintage style clothes. They are also timeless.

  8. I think we are all so so ready for spring - I posted a bit of a weather rant today... Winter really has gone on too long!

    Let's just hope it doesn't snow again today (I am just outside of Tortonto too and yesterday's weather was vile).

    Have a lovely day, despite the weather.

    Kate x

  9. Cute pic of you in the red dress!!! You look beautiful and healthy! :) Betsey Johnson is -awesome- I'm always on the lookout for her stuff at a sale price. For sunglasses, I'm a fan of good old-fashioned Ray Ban Wayfarer's. Although I broke my last pair and have been using cheap-o Target glasses. I love the style you picked!

  10. Blog hopping and we too are in the cold with snow. Being over 40 is great, I'm over 50 and love trying new looks. Enjoy your weekend and "think Spring"!

  11. The first picture reminds me of a late-70's album cover! Love it!