Sunday, February 24, 2013

Menu Plan, 9/52

Before I go over this week's meal plan, I want to share highlights from last week's meals. The plan went well...meaning I stuck to it even when it was challenging.

Which brings me to Monday. The plan called for minestrone soup in the slow cooker. When I was planning my menu, I forgot that Monday was the "Family Day" holiday. We had to be at my son's first soccer game by 8 a.m. (Who plans games for 8 a.m. on a holiday, by the way?) Nevertheless I stuck to the plan and quickly threw everything into the slow cooker before we headed out. No easy feat, because it takes us 20 minutes just to get the kids out the front door.

On Tuesday I made almond-rice burgers from a recipe in Robin Robertson's "One-Dish Vegetarian Meals." It was the first time I tried the recipe and I had some trouble getting the burgers to stay together. Next time I would blend the mix in a food processor and add some flour.

I prepared an old favourite on Wednesday - potato soup, from a recipe in "How it all Vegan." It is a delicious, creamy (from soy milk) soup with mushrooms in it. My daughter won't go near it though so it means preparing something else for her.

On Thursday I had another old favourite that regular readers are probably tired of hearing about. It's just so good though. Lentils and rice. Try it! I promise you'll like it.

We seem to always be getting takeout on Fridays. This week, in order to save money, we cooked up some Sol veggie burgers and frozen fries.

Last week, I had planned to make maki sushi on Saturday and never did. I followed through this week. Well, I prepared the rice anyway. My husband did all the rolling. Nice.

We filled the rolls with carrots, cucumber, avocado and mushrooms.

Today's meal is still a mystery.

Now for this week's menu plan.



Express Curried Lentils
I ripped this recipe out of Chatelaine magazine years ago and never made it. Here's the recipe.

Taco Tuesday


Pasta Primavera
I'm pretending it's springtime. (Note: I'll use vegan parmesan.)


Spaghetti with Tofu Balls




This is so good I want to make it again.


Husband Cooking

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  1. SOunds good, I want to pretend it is spring too :)

    1. Let's just close our eyes and say it's so. ;)

  2. Oh, yum! Your sushi looks fantastic. I've been meaning to try the rice and lentils, too. Have a great week, Joann!

  3. thank you for popping by my blog, i am popping in to yours and am overjoyed to see vegan delights!
    i shall be grabbing a cup of tea later and will enjoy every second of gazing at your recipe ideas to give my own vegan cooking a boost :)
    lovely lovely to meet you

    1. Thanks so much for visiting Tracy. I hope you find some vegan cooking ideas that appeal to you. Great to meet you too! :)

  4. I'm on a lentil kick right now! Is the spaghetti with tofu balls your recipe?

    1. We have put together a couple of recipes to get a tofu ball that we all like. I will try to post it. We quite enjoy them. :)

  5. Oh yum!! We are blatantly copying your weekly menu idea {and several of your recipes}

  6. I love lentils! I'm going to try some of these recipes soon!

    1. I love lentils too Ruthie! Seems a strange thing to love... ;)

  7. Your husbands sushi rolls looks professional! I have issues with this... they come out lumpy and lopsided (the story of my life). :)

    1. He is a perfectionist. I gave up after the first couple of times. Now I leave it to him. ;)

  8. Thanks Jackie. I will pay you a visit!

  9. All that sushi looks wonderful! Because of this post, I am totally adding in rice and lentils to my meal plan this week, so delicious!

    1. Thanks Natalie. Enjoy the lentils and rice. It makes a big amount, so have company. ;)