Friday, September 21, 2012

Insta-Friday in real life: office overhaul edition

Now that I'm into the second week of using my new phone, I am not so photo crazy as I was last week.

That also has to do with the fact that we didn't do much for excitement this week.

Nevertheless, here is my Insta-Friday look at my family's week via cell phone pics. You can also follow me on Instagram @ziajojo.

During a regular evening in our home, this is the scene on our couch, above. This little gal rarely sits still and in fact prefers standing on her head when possible. Too bad for those pictures on the wall above our couch. Three dance classes a week...barely makes a dent in her energy level. Must be nice.

The four of us enjoyed watching Mrs. Doubtfire one evening. Can you believe it was made 19 years ago? How old am I? 

Never mind.

I started out the week baking (vegan chocolate fudge cake and banana chocolate chunk muffins). 

Then I attempted to clean and beautify my family room. You can see pictures of that here

Next, I began the daunting process of organizing my home office.

It was just a wee bit messy. 

And, although it is supposed to be MY space, somehow all kinds of odds and ends that don't belong to me find a home here (often on the floor).

My style of organizing is dumping everything into boxes and on the ground. Then, I polish up the furniture, vacuum, clean the floor and gradually put stuff back. Right now, three days after I began, I am down to one terrible box of random items, including stuff like a tiny purple bow, a Double Cash for Life card (I don't think it's a winner but I always check them at the store anyway), a pedometer that probably doesn't work and a pink heart-shaped rock (belonging to the acrobat above).

Here is that beautiful moment where the desk is cleaned and nothing has been put back.

 Admiring it once more. If only this were the whole picture.

Here is what lay just behind the chair.

I had been experimenting with using different chairs at my desk, and I was using Jolene's chair for a while. She would not sit in the wicker one that I put in its place. Too uncomfortable. 

So, I decided to give Jolene her chair (with a view) back and shuffle some other chairs around. Now she can happily bark at all our neighbours again.

Now that one half of the room is finished, I am heading for the bookshelves, and hoping I can bring myself to purge a bit. Even letting go of three books would be a step for me.

I am also going to take my big collection of movies off the shelves to create some breathing room around the books and knick-knacks.

How do you store your movies?

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Oh, and Happy Birthday mom!

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  1. Gorgeous your office space {& Janson's History of Art}. I love that 'just-organized' feeling-- too bad it rarely lasts in our house!
    We store all our movies on our computer & an additional copy on the Gbook for safe keeping. I'm sort of weird {who are we kidding, I'm a lot weird} & hate the way movies look on a shelf, so burning them to the computer was an easy choice. All our computer games & music cds are hidden away in a cupboard for the same reason lol.
    Good luck with the continued cleaning effort!

    1. Thanks Tabetha. I love the "just-organized" feeling too, and don't worry, it doesn't last in our house either.

      I really don't like the way the movies look on the shelves either, but I like to have the cases and I don't like to hunt through boxes for them either.

      BTW, my mom is now following you on Bloglovin'. She found your blog through your comments here. :)

  2. The room looks great and so does the cake :)

    1. Thanks Jenniffier. The cake was a little bit of delicious, for sure. :)

  3. I enjoyed these photos, particularly your upside-down girl, Jolene on her chair and the b&w desk shot. And I am following you via Bloglovin.

    1. Thanks! And thanks for following me on Bloglovin'. I have been enjoying seeing your posts via Bloglovin' too. :)

  4. Your daughter sounds a lot like my daughter! :)

  5. You have a super adorable girl and a beautiful mom, Joann! I'm so happy you're surrounded by such amazing people;-)

  6. Your office looks fantastic! And so does your chocolate cake! I get rid of books all the time...I only keep the ones I absolutely love. And we get rid of movies all the time. With Netflix, the kids has a wide assortment to watch when they want. And I got rid of all the little kids movies. Have a wonderful week! Angie xo

    1. Thanks Angie! I have been getting rid of the little kids' movies, but I have trouble letting go of the others. I re-watch my favourites quite a bit! I am preparing myself to let some books go, though. :)

  7. fun pics!!!
    I cannot part with books either..I just move them to some kids book shelf.

    1. Nice. Offload the books on the kids. Good idea. :)

  8. Oh, I'm jealous. Your office looks beautiful and organized. My studio space is a disaster! I have a goal of working on that, and a couple closets this week... we'll see how that goes!

    1. I'm not quite there yet, because I shuffle things from room to room, so that one room is done and then another one isn't! Good luck with your studio and closets. :)


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