Friday, June 1, 2012

Insta-Friday in real life, Instagram edition

This week, I have a few Instagram photos to share.

I couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about, but I have to say I’m glad they created an Instagram app for Android phones.

I am having fun playing around with the photos and tweeting them off, whether anybody ends up looking at them or not.

Of course, it is more fun to share, so if you DO want to follow me on Instagram, I am @ziajojo.

If you are on Instagram and want me to follow you, please comment below and leave me your username. I love looking at other people's photos!
Same goes for Twitter. I’m @ziajojo. What’s your handle?

My little girl is finished her dance classes and getting ready for recital.

This is how she dresses to go get the mail.

We got this little bit of Florida in a box from Wendy of Salt and Wine. A happy treat for the whole family. The flamingo is all mine. Thanks Wendy!

BBQ weather!

Coconut Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. Recipe here. Eat some cookies this weekend. It will put a smile on your face!

Jolene tried to steal my lunch while I was in the basement. Then she tried to look all innocent after I caught her.

Once per year in early June, a basket distributor in our area has a warehouse sale. I have been going since the kids were tiny and I had to drag them in a stroller while trying to balance numerous baskets and home d├ęcor items on my head.

Women will wait in line for baskets for a very long time.

My house is full of baskets now, but I managed to purchase a few items. Okay, quite a few. I hope to share them with you later this week. This is my car packed to the brim.

I passed on these cute fish planters.

And these great tiered bowls.

How about you? What have you been buying (or deciding not to buy) this week?

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  1. 'Bout to head off to a used office furniture store, so what I will {or will not} buy will be posted later LOL. How did you ever pass up those fish planters {fantastic self control, my dear!}

    1. Can't wait to see what you get (and don't get)! To tell you the truth, the basket place only has a few shopping carts, and I didn't get one. That makes it a pain to buy stuff. Otherwise, I probably would have added the fish planters and more!

  2. Cute photos!!!
    Love the little ballerina - and what a diva in that hot pink!

    Sorry, don't tell anyone but I still have just a regular old cell phone! LOL

    1. She is a character.

      Don't worry, I don't even have a cell phone. I borrow my husband's for the photos.

  3. Love the pink overload for that mail run! Looks like you found some good stuff at the sale- fun.

    1. I don't think she believes there can ever be too much pink. ;) I DID find some good stuff! I love that sale!

  4. Your daughter is the cutest! I've never gotten into instagram, but heard a semi-funny joke the other day about it.

    How much does a hipster weigh??

    An instagram!

    Lawl, you must be rolling your eyes. But it looks like a very fun day!

    1. Hi Cara! I LOVE the joke. So funny. Thanks for sharing it. :) I had never heard it before.

      My husband always makes fun of Twitter and Instagram. Doesn't want to know what everyone's doing with their days. But, I have always liked photos, so I enjoy seeing the Instagram photos.

  5. Cracking up over Jolene and the dressing to get the mail comment (future fashion blogger in the making?) Looking forward to seeing all of your finds!!! Happy you liked the shells, sorry they were kinda lame. Hopefully next time I'll find better ones. :)

    1. These pets of ours are funny, aren't they? Yes, I think my gal will make a great fashion blogger. ;) We LOVED the shells! Thanks so much! A little bit of sunshine (and sand) in a box. :)