Friday, May 4, 2012

Insta-Friday in real life, weekend fun

It’s Insta-Friday again, and I am sharing some of our cell phone photos from last weekend.
We started the fun on Friday night, when my husband and I went to see the Toronto Blue Jays play against Seattle. I am not a sports fan at all, unfortunately. Never have been. But we went along with a group of my husband's co-workers.
Our tickets came with access to unlimited snacks. My theory is that they give you seats so tight that you won’t want to get up to get more snacks anyway. I could barely move my arms to eat.

How is this for a healthy dinner? Veggie dogs, chips and Coke. (I brought the popcorn home for the kids.)

Don’t you think this photo makes this guy look like a bobblehead doll?

This is me and my husband, trying to figure out where you are supposed to look when you take your own picture.

The next day, we took the kids to the Art Gallery of Ontario for a members’ preview of the Picasso exhibition. I love all of Picasso’s artwork—the sketches most of all.

The kids got their own audio guides. This really helped to occupy them as we went through the show. They started to complain of hunger, but we were close to being done, so that is a small victory.

We rested briefly after the show and reviewed the kids' activity sheets.

Then we headed to a nearby restaurant for all-you-can-eat sushi. I had never had banana sushi before. Amazing how they sliced the banana so thinly and artfully placed it on top. It was delicious too!

Here we are with the art gallery and the CN Tower behind us.

Here is my son in front of a graffiti-style wall. He is very artistic and he loves this sort of thing.

After we got home from the gallery, it was time to head to our friends’ house for dinner, and, as you can see, drinks.

Our lovely hosts moved here recently from Newfoundland, and they have lots of great down-home inspired artwork.

After dinner, it’s usually time to break out the guitars.

I don’t play an instrument, so I am one of the “groupies.” I also enjoyed the cozy ambiance.

My kids have a piano recital coming up in a couple of weeks. We are pushing practice right now, with mixed results.
How was your week?
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  1. I agree the photo of the baseball player looks like a bobblehead.

  2. I enjoyed looking at all your lovely photos! Have a great weekend:)

  3. I'm intrigued by that banana sushi, I've never had it, but it does sound good!

    1. They called it a yellow dragon roll. It was quite yummy!

  4. Looks like you had a fun week! The baseball game looks fun! I am not a sports fan either, but it's sometimes fun to do something different and of course, the people watching is always interesting! I love the audio guides the kids were using...I wish more sites would take advantage of that idea! Have a wonderful weekend! Angie xo

    1. You are right. And sometimes it is nice just to get out! The audio guides were fantastic. For every adult one you pay for, you get a kid one free. We all listened to the kids stream and the adult stream, because they were about different works of art. I think it is great that they try to get the kids interested. All the best, Joann.

  5. Hey there Joknows- followed you back :) and who won the baseball game? Prolly not the Mariners. It's just so sad. They need help. Ha ha about the bobble head and you and your hubby trying to find out where to look. I loved that.

    1. Thanks for following! The Mariners actually did win. Maybe the Blue Jays need more help! Joann

  6. This is an ideal weekend for me! Sushi with banana sounds delicious, good friends, Picasso and a baseball game (admittedly, the game would have been my favorite part). Love all of the photos of you and your family! :)

    Yes, the pic did make the player look like a bobble head - LOL.

    1. You could squeeze in a visit to the beach too, couldn't you? Can you tell how jealous I am? ;)

  7. What a great weekend! Banana sushi, huh? Interesting.

    Glad you had a good time :)

    1. Banana sushi indeed. I could go for some now in fact!


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