Saturday, April 21, 2012

Life Well Lived, part two

Welcome to part two of my look at my sister-in-law's picturesque country home.

If you missed part one, you can see it here. I highlighted all of the sweet animal creatures (and some of the humans) that make up their home.

You can now meet the remaining humans, including the woman of the house herself.

This is me admiring the view and the (astonishingly large) wood pile.

This scarecrow girl protects their garlic plants.

My husband and his sister enjoyed the fire pit (and Maple enjoyed the attention).

The kids had lots to do. My SIL has three boys and a girl. Here are two of her boys with my son (on the right).

The kids also have a tire swing.

And this swing.

My son was just happy to hang with his cousins. Looks like they share a love of Simpsons t-shirts.

Here he is with my eldest nephew.

My camera hates the indoors. She will focus only when she feels like it.

So, I get lots of photos like this.

Especially of my daughter (here with her cousin) because she likes to move around and make silly faces.

We enjoyed a lovely dinner, made by my SIL and my MIL.

Along with some homemade wine, of course.

We started with this white pizza.

You can read more about our meal here.

We took home some fresh eggs.

This charming wood stove keeps everybody warm.

Thanks for visiting along with me.

What does your dream home look like?


  1. Such a lovely property and the garden looks amazing!

    My dream house would be anywhere in the British Lake District, a country cottage!

    1. They have a crazy amount of garlic. They will be adding other stuff too when the weather gets warmer.

      Your dream cottage sounds amazing. If you ever get it, can I come? ;)

    2. I love garlic! Will they sell it? What will they do with all that garlic??

      Of course everyone will be welcome...but I guess I'll have to win the lottery first..x

    3. I love garlic too! I'm not sure if they are planning to sell it. Maybe. I know I'll be asking for some. ;) My SIL does do a lot of nice cooking, but even she can't use all that garlic. :) Get going with those lottery tickets!

  2. Lovely Post ,the Pictures are great ♡


  3. Homemade wine you say? Omgosh, all of the beautiful land!!! And that stove! I can only imagine how good the food smelled cooking and how happy you all sounded while sharing it.

    1. My father-in-law and my brother-in-law make the wine. I have to cut it with ginger ale because it is so strong! I love the stove too. You are so right, the food smells delicious and the company is great. Those Italians know how to share a meal. ;)

  4. Wood burning stove! Ah, I love everything about them from the smell to the glow.Rx

    1. There's something romantic about them for sure.

  5. Thanks for coming by! Country near the city. Giant grocery store 10 minutes away! Perfect. :)

  6. My dream home? Hmmm...can I sum it up in less than a paragraph? I'll try. Older home with lots of character and architectural details like built-ins, fireplace, pocket doors, wood floors, nice wood trim, stained glass. A wrap around covered porch, lots of windows for natural light all within walking distance of shops, a park, and other entertainment options. There is such a neighborhood in town but we're looking at around $350,000 to live there. I'll probably be dreaming for quite a while!

    1. Your dream home sounds like my dream home. Love the details, especially the covered porch! Books and lemonade on the porch, anybody? Funny the price differences from area to area. There are so few older homes around here, a home like that in good condition would be a million dollars!