Thursday, October 13, 2011

Waste Not...

A couple of weeks ago, I bought some soy creamer for a recipe. Trouble is, as the creamer’s expiration date approached, I still couldn’t recall what recipe I bought it for. I figured it was from Carla Kelly’s  Quick and Easy Vegan Bake Sale, because I had just recently bought that book. So, I scanned the book quickly last night and found a recipe using ½ cup + 2 tablespoons soy creamer. That would use up a substantial amount! Otherwise, I’d end up throwing the soy creamer out and feeling guilty about it.

I decided to make cranberry scones, something I have never made before. I have sampled them at high-price coffee houses, of course, but making them yourself is so much more inexpensive, and the whole family gets to share. That’s something my daughter will appreciate when she gets home from school today!

These scones feature a hint of allspice, which I can only stand in very small doses, so I put in only half the amount called for. The recipe calls for fresh or frozen cranberries as well as dried cranberries. We are out of dried cranberries at the moment (having used them all to sweeten our salads), so I used some raisins instead. All in all, I’d say the experiment was a success. The scones have a nice, buttery consistency, without the use of butter. I will enjoy them with some Earth Balance spread.

Now for that organic salad mix that expires tomorrow…


  1. Those sound great! I actually really like AllSpice, YUM!

  2. My daughter must like allspice too, because she ate three scones after school!