Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Organize-it, Part Two, My Closet

my closet before - yikes

As I mentioned before, I am on a continuing quest to organize our home. This week I decided to tackle my bedroom closet. The selection of a project was easy when you consider that my closet is meant to be a walk-in, but I had been using it as a "throw-in" for all sorts of random items. Walking in was no longer possible.

As with my last project, this one didn't cost me anything. I used storage tools that I had already acquired. I am looking to add a couple items in the near future, though, including a step stool and a full-length mirror. (Am I the only one who has to stand on the toilet to see my whole outfit?)

I started by clearing the floor. I uncovered items including a plastic bag full of school supplies; a big box of toiletries that I won in an Elle magazine contest (happy to get them, nowhere to store them); my portfolio of writing; assorted work-related papers; and a set of free weights.

I moved the school supplies into backpacks downstairs. I sorted the toiletries into three categories, put them into cloth storage bins, labelled them and placed them on the closet shelf. I moved the portfolio and work-related papers into a filing bin to be sorted later, and I moved the hand weights down to the basement (may they rest in peace).

Keeping in mind that organizing is about uncovering those items that are important to you and that best reflect your character and interests, I purged a few pieces of clothing. You know those pieces that you feel you should wear, but never do? I figure your clothes should not make you feel obligated, so I created a donation pile made up of clothing that made me feel guilty every time I looked at it.

my closet after
the left side of my closet after

"Deciding to simplify our lives and bring order to our homes by sending on the objects we no longer love to new, happier incarnations with people who will genuinely appreciate them is the way to open ourselves up to receiving the abundance that will perfectly suit us," says Sarah Ban Breathnach in Simple Abundance. Works for me.

I managed to part with six pairs of shoes, two pairs of boots, two zippered bags I got at conferences, assorted "bonus" makeup bags, some shrunken pyjamas, a dress that's three sizes too big for me and 12 shirts and sweaters (one so old I bought it at Eaton's).

Take a look at some of the amazing closets on Pinterest if you need some inspiration for your own project.

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  1. This is a great post! I'm trying to get organization inspiration. Have you thought about writing a post specifically for organizing your garage?