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Hey and welcome! I am so happy you are visiting!

I am a Toronto-area mother of two—an energetic 10-year-old girl and a thoughtful 13-year-old boy. I am also a writer, with a degree in English and a Master of Arts degree in Journalism. I have my own business, writing web content, magazine articles and communications materials for corporate clients.

This blog helps me stay true to my goal of exploring the art in everyday life. There's so much beauty around us if we just pay it some attention. I'm all about using the good dishes every day...and you'll see that I have A LOT of dishes to use!

I have been a vegetarian for almost two decades. I love veggie sushi, classic literature, art, decorating, baking, forests, oceans, lakes, hiking, camping and learning to knit.

My favourite band of all-time is Nirvana, and I still think I’m 23 years old even if the mirror doesn’t agree.

I hope that you will grab a cup of tea and a sweet and join me to explore ideas about cooking, baking, parenting, thrift shopping, poetry, decorating, books, exercise and whatever else we come across “in real life.”

Your comments really do make my day, and it thrills me to hear more about you.

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