Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Thrifted Mugs & Vintage Bliss Tuesdays Linky Party #86

On my last visit to the Salvation Army Thrift Store, I immediately made a beeline to the housewares section (as I always do). But I wasn't looking for mugs. Recently I reorganized my kitchen cupboards to create an entire shelf for our mugs, including the pretty pale green ones I showed off in this post - 5 Inexpensive Ideas to Create a Pretty Spring Table. In other words, we have enough mugs. Too many mugs.

But I love pottery, and how could I resist this pretty blue handmade mug for only $1.98? Needless to say, I couldn't. In my haste to purchase it though, I failed to notice a small chip where the handle attaches to the mug. When I was washing the mug I felt some instability in the handle and that's when I noticed the chip. It sort of qualifies as a thrifting fail (and I encountered three of them that day) but I will use this mug until that handle falls off! And then it will probably join the growing pile of items that need to be glued accumulating as we speak on my husband's basement work bench.

I also bought this lovely contemporary-look "N" mug with the sweet little handle. The good news is, this mug isn't for anybody in my house. It's for my sister, Nancy. (Hope she doesn't have too many mugs.)

Do you collect mugs? Are your kitchen cupboards filled to bursting too?

I have finally renewed my Inlinkz subscription so we can see pretty pictures in the link party again! So link up your thrifted, inherited and vintage treasures at the Vintage Bliss Tuesdays party below. Bring on the perty pictures friends!

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  1. I gravitate towards mugs in all the thrifts. Last week I chose 3 to redonate because I could barely close the cupboard door. The bird mug is so pretty, hope it can be repaired. It is easy to miss those chips and flaws, isn't it?

    Joining in today, thanks for hosting. :)

    1. Mugs are a nice inexpensive type of thing to collect. But yes, it gets hard to close the cupboard door. I had one of my nice mugs fall out and crack when I opened the door one day. :( I definitely regularly miss chips and flaws! Thanks for visiting, linking and commenting! Jo

  2. I have way too many mugs, which is funny because I don't drink hot drinks so they're not even useful to me! Still I can't resist them, they usually end up with a houseplant in them!
    I love that blue mug, so pretty!

    1. That's a great idea Susie! If I feel this cute little mug is cracking more, I can stick a cactus in it or something. Thanks!