Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Things To Do This Fall & Winter (With Deals From Groupon)

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Fall is the most beautiful time of year, isn't it? Mother Nature is dressed in her finest and Instagram is chock full of photos of picturesque lakes reflecting the glorious burnt orange leaves of the surrounding trees. You can hear angels singing really. But wait...listen carefully...do you hear the roar of the Abominable Snow Monster far off in the distance too?

I spend a fair bit of time hibernating in winter, but that's just depressing after a while, isn't it? A better strategy is the one I usually employ in fall and give up around January - thinking up all the fab activities you can do to enjoy the season to the utmost. In fall, that's apple picking, hiking, exploring the pumpkin patch. Maybe catching a couple of football games (not me, but somebody)?

Let's make a pact to make fall and winter more enjoyable this year, shall we? For those of you who like to ski downhill (I tried it once, then "retired"), that's a clear option. (I'll wait for you by the roaring fire in the lodge with a cup of tea and a book in my hand.) But there are plenty of indoor pursuits to take advantage of in winter too.

I look to Groupon Things To Do for inspiration. Groupon makes it easy to find fun activities to do right in your own area. And Groupon offers great deals on Things To Do, so you can get cheaper tickets for sporting events, theater, comedy clubs, concerts and movies. Even cupcake tours! With Halloween coming up, look out for deals on haunted mazes and spooky city tours.

Bowling, children's paint classes, basketball lessons, a Michael Jackson tribute tour, a 50 Shades male dance revue (!!) - you never know what you might find among the deals on your local Groupon Things To Do. Check it out. And let me know what you find. Because this isn't the winter to hide out. Deal?

How are you going to keep busy this fall and winter? Which activities catch your eye on your local Groupon Things to Do?

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